Happy Couples Help Prevent Abuse

October is “Domestic Abuse Prevention Month.” Therefore, I decided to post a message on my “Get Tough or Die” author’s page about what we can do to prevent domestic violence in the home.
All married couples must first know how to have a happy and healthy marriage. Otherwise, they will not be able to teach their children how to have a happy and healthy marriage when they grow up and leave the home. Therefore, we all have an obligation to educate ourselves so we can learn how to prevent ourselves from passing on domestic violence from generation to generation to generation.
If we truly love our children and grandchildren, the greatest gift we could offer them is showing them, through our own example, how we can have a happy and healthy relationship, and that means we must educate ourselves and work at it. No matter how long anyone has been married, it’s never too late to start, but the sooner we learn, the better.
Dr. Gary Chapman said relationships either get worse or they get better, but they never just stay the same. I heard Dr. Phil say that every day he wakes up asking himself, “What can I do today to help make my (wife’s) life better?” That’s the kind of attitude we all need to have because great relationships and healthy home environments never just happen because you married the right person.They happen because you both work at it.
Have you read Dr. Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages? That’s a good place to start. For any couple to have a happy and successful relationship, this is important information to know:
The Five Love Languages are: 1. Words of Affirmation; 2. Gifts; 3. Acts of Service; 4. Spending Quality Time; and 5. Physical Touch. What is your most important love language? What is your significant other’s love language? Often times, couples show and receive love in different ways. Dr. Chapman says that couples seldom have the SAME love language. If we do NOT know what our partner’s love language is, our partner might go through the entire marriage feeling unloved.

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