Rules to Promote Happy Marriages

Most couples feel deeply in love when they begin sharing their lives together. Yet, so many marriages end up in divorce. Why?
Based on my own experiences, several books I’ve read, relationship classes I’ve attended and relationship DVDs I’ve watched, I have come up with a list of rules that all couples should follow to help their relationship remain in tact:
1. Never make put-down, derogatory remarks or criticize your spouse in public, even if you pretend to be joking. This is one of the fastest ways to destroy love. Wait until you are alone in private to discuss, in a loving way, any problems or issues you feel need to be discussed.
2. Never resort to yelling and screaming at each other, where you raise your voice to be the loudest to drown your partner’s voice out. Not only is this kind of behavior disrespectful, but when couples fight and argue this way, neither one can hear what the other one has to say. This is how children fight. When we are adults, we are expected to act like adults. We sit down, calmly have a discussion and come to a workable and compromise that will benefit both of you.
3. Never threaten divorce, curse at or call your partner insulting or hurtful names. You can never take them back later on, so make it a rule and habit to never resort to name calling. Again, that’s what children do. Make up your minds to behave like adults.
4. Never falsely accuse your spouse of doing something wrong based on your own feelings of insecurity. If you have no proof of wrong-doing, keep your mouth shut and your heart open.
Anyone who feels insecure in their relationship should figure out where their feelings of insecurity are coming from and fix it. If an insecure person cannot figure it out on their own, that person should seek professional counseling.
5. Do something every day to show your love for your partner. In today’s world, it you make it to your 50th wedding anniversary, it’s becoming so rare that you might be put on display in a museum! LOL!

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