How to write a Book Review

If you have not already done so, when you finish reading my book–Get Tough or Die– please post a review on Amazon.

So far, I have 31 five-star reviews but I need more because that really helps with book sales and my ranking on Amazon. Some people do not know how to write and post a book review, so I will explain it.

If you go to google and bring up the Amazon page, you can type the name of my book in the search bar. When my book comes up, click on it and you will see three boxes–one will say Kindle, one will say Paperback and one will say audiobook.

You will also see a little arrow directly under my book. If you click on it, you will be able to listen to a professional read a sample chapter from my book.

Once you have clicked on my book, you will be able to scroll down and read the book reviews. At the bottom of the first page, you will see a window where you can give my book a star rating and write a review.
Reviews do not have to be long. A couple sentences would be fine. All you need to include in a book review is a statement about your overall impression after reading it.

My book is also available at Barnes & Nobles and other major bookstores. At the Lakewood Barnes & Nobles, you can find it on the very last bookshelf in the back under the header of “Psychology” on the left, second to the bottom shelf. You can also get my book from my publisher, Momosa publishing, or you can buy an autographed copy from me.

If you don’t want to leave your real name on your book review, you can use a pen name like “Busy Mom” or “Angel” or your initials, but please send me an email and let me know after you post a review. It might not show up for a few days because Amazon screens all book reviews before they post them. I know we live very busy lives, but it should only take a few minutes and I would appreciate it a lot.

Barbara L. Sellers

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