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Biography for Barbara L. Sellers Barbara Sellers was the sixth born in a family of 14 children. She grew up on a large farm in Minnesota. During high school, Barbara unwittingly developed strong writing skills by corresponding with a Japanese pen pal. Knowing her pen pal had to interpret her letters into a foreign language forced her to pay attention to correct spelling and better sentence structure. After graduating, Barbara moved to St. Paul, Minn., where she worked as a secretary for a few years before moving to Tacoma, Wash., to escape cold weather. During her 12-year marriage to a…

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Why I Waited Until Now to Write My Book

Some readers would like to know why I did not write my book earlier, and they ask, “why now?” That’s a good question, but there are several parts to my answer. Writing my story about childhood abuse has been on my bucket list for a long time. I interviewed relatives and kept notes in a file for more than 50 years,  but not only was I not ready to write my book when I was younger, but my brothers and sisters were not ready for me to write this book yet, either. I knew this would not be an easy…

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Rules to Promote Happy Marriages

Most couples feel deeply in love when they begin sharing their lives together. Yet, so many marriages end up in divorce. Why? Based on my own experiences, several books I’ve read, relationship classes I’ve attended and relationship DVDs I’ve watched, I have come up with a list of rules that all couples should follow to help their relationship remain in tact: 1. Never make put-down, derogatory remarks or criticize your spouse in public, even if you pretend to be joking. This is one of the fastest ways to destroy love. Wait until you are alone in private to discuss, in…

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Love Thyself

Have you learned how to love yourself yet? Question: If you do not love yourself, how could you ever expect anyone else to love you? Before we can give and receive love, we must first start by working on ourselves. We must first become the kind of person that makes us lovable to others. Have you ever listened to what people say when they have just fallen in love? They often say, “he makes me so happy” or “she makes me so happy” or “I just could not live without (him or her) because (he or she) makes my life…

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Christmas Special

Parents, do your teenage children appreciate you and the good home life you provide or have provided? If not, they probably will feel grateful for the family they have after reading my book, Get Tough or Die. For my Christmas special, if you order two books or more directly from me or my publisher at Momosa Publishing, I will give you an extra one free.

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Happy Couples Help Prevent Abuse

October is “Domestic Abuse Prevention Month.” Therefore, I decided to post a message on my “Get Tough or Die” author’s page about what we can do to prevent domestic violence in the home. All married couples must first know how to have a happy and healthy marriage. Otherwise, they will not be able to teach their children how to have a happy and healthy marriage when they grow up and leave the home. Therefore, we all have an obligation to educate ourselves so we can learn how to prevent ourselves from passing on domestic violence from generation to generation to…

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My Best Life podcast & more news

The book is selling fast! I am excited at the attention my book is receiving. The Elliott Bay Book Company is already “out of stock”. More will be available in about 1 to 5 days. Coming up on Wednesday, September 11th I’m going to be a guest on the My Best Life podcast. My interview by Dr. Sandra Dalton-Smith will air from 2:00 to 3:00 pm PDT. You can listen to it on iTunes or at http://mybestlifepodcast.com. I also received a response from the local Barnes & Nobles Bookstore. The manager said they are not holding any author book signings…

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